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Liberal Icon Rep. Jared Polis Running For Colorado Governor in 2018

On June 11th, Representative Jared Polis announced that he is running for Colorado Governor in 2018. With a long liberal record, Polis is by far the most progressive candidate in the¬†gubernatorial race. John Hickenlooper, current governor of Colorado, is term limited and cannot seek re-election, and the race for governor is already getting started in mid-2017. The field for Colorado governor is starting to grow crowded. Let’s take a look at the declared candidates thus far:

  • Jared Polis (D), U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 2nd District
  • Ed Perlmutter (D),¬† U.S. Representative for Colorado’s 7th District
  • Cary Kennedy (D), a former Colorado Treasurer
  • Michael Johnston (D), former State Senator
  • Noel Ginsburg (D), manufacturing entrepreneur
  • Erik Underwood (D), a former moderate Republican senate candidate who left the GOP because of Trump and a businessman
  • George Brauchler (R), Arapahoe County District Attorney who tried the case against mass-murderer James Holmes
  • Victor Mitchell (R), former State Representative
  • Joann Silva (R), a retired banker
  • Lew Gaiter (R), Larimer County Commissioner
  • Doug Robinson (R), an investment banker and nephew of Mitt Romney

The field will only grow more crowded as the 2018 election approaches. Brauchler is the GOP frontrunner and Perlmutter and Polis are the Democratic frontrunners. Colorado has trended Democratic in recent elections, so it will be interesting to watch this Democratic gubernatorial race take shape. Who will win the Democratic primary for governor? Perlmutter or Polis? I would love to see Polis win the primary. He is a true progressive, with real leadership skills. He has been an outspoken opponent of fracking, which would be refreshing after Hickenlooper’s cozyness with the oil and gas industry in Colorado. Perlmutter is more of a moderate, which interests me less.

Jared Polis’ platform for governor includes a focus on education, the environment (clean energy being a priority), and the economy (raising the minimum wage.) The latter being extremely exciting to me because the cost of housing in the Front Range has increased by 15% in recent years and the pace of wage-growth has not kept up with cost of living. Polis’ support for raising the minimum wage is extremely exciting to me.

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