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Colorado Secretary Of State Reports Record Number of Colorado Voters Registering As Independents

On Monday August 14th, Secretary Of State, Wayne Williams announced that over 25,000 voters registered to vote in Colorado since June 28th. And guess how many have registered as independents? Unaffiliated voters lead the numbers by some 13,911 people. Wow, almost 14,000 independent voters. This is a trend that we need to pay attention to.

After the election of Trump, it seems that voters are very dissatisfied with the two parties and dissatisfaction is leading these voters to register as independents. By comparison, only 5,179 new Republicans registered and some 6,252 new Democrats registered. This sends a loud and powerful message. Voters must be dissatisfied with the two party system. And really, why should they be content under the rule of the two main parties? With the Republican party being hijacked by Donald Trump, who has very low approval numbers 7 months into his term. And also voters on the liberal end of the spectrum must have been turned off by the shellacking Hillary Clinton took in the 2016 election and the way Democrats lost Senate majority. Gridlock continues to dominate the Hill, and not much legislation is being made. Americans are sick of the political rancor and ineffective leadership. They long for solutions. All of this is driving the numbers we are seeing of large increases of voters in Colorado registering as Independents. Independents make up the biggest voting bloc in the state now! And now Independents can vote in the state and presidential primaries, selecting a Democrat or Republican ballot. It is an exciting time to be unaffiliated in Colorado. I think that progressive Independents should raise their voices and push their elected officials to represent their interests. We can have a lot of power and sway given these huge numbers.