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Some Comments on Chris Christie and “Bridge-Gate” and the Broomfield Fracking Drama Continues; 75 Uncounted Ballots Suddenly Surface

Happy New Year from NEVER POLITICS!


2014 will be a year rich in political news. We have the upcoming midterm elections in November, with the potential for the GOP to win control of the Senate. (I hope not.) And the year started off with a roaring high-profile political scandal in the form of Chris Christie and “Bridge-Gate.” Only a few days ago I was saying to someone how Chris Christie is not presidential and that, if pitched against Hillary Clinton for the presidency, he will lose. Now with this Fort Lee traffic scandal, Chris Christie is being absolutely destroyed in the media. He looks like a bully. One must wonder if it hurts his political odds in 2016. It depends on the outcome of the pending investigations into Christie’s involvement into the traffic closures in New Jersey. If he is found to be lying about his role in this scandal, that could be the end to his presidential ambitions.

I kind of wonder if he got too complacent about his standing as a GOP “Golden Boy” and as a very popular governor, and thought he could get away with some malicious political hanky-panky. This hubris could prove fatal to his ambitions. But then, I must admit, I never found Chris Christie to be presidential. He has cost the state of New Jersey billions of dollars with some of his choices. How is that an example of sound Republican financial shrewdness? Puh-lease.

Here in Colorado, we have a political battle unfolding front and center: the Broomfield Fracking Ban Election Drama! A mysterious box containing 75 uncounted ballots miraculously and suddenly appeared! The box was reportedly found in Election Manager Michael Susek’s office. It is unclear why the box was never counted, or why it was never reported upon by the media in the wake of the mandatory recount that occurred in November of 2013. This thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Why won’t the courts and the oil companies just admit that the election is over, and that Broomfield banned fracking?

The media has not reported on the results of this box of uncounted ballots changing the results of the election, which banned fracking for 5 years in the county of Broomfield. This story is developing….stay tuned to NEVER POLITICS to stay up on the news in this debacle!