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Gay Marriage is Now Legal in Colorado!

Never Politics SmallThe biggest news of the week wasn’t anything anyone proactively did. It’s what the Supreme Court did not do that ended up causing the biggest political news of the week. By refusing to hear any of the upcoming docket cases on gay marriage at the Supreme Court, the SCOTUS caused the lower court rulings on the issue to thereby stand as law. State Attorney General John Suthers issued a statement right away: “There are no remaining legal requirements that prevent same-sex couples from legally marrying in Colorado,” Suthers said in a news release. “Beginning [Tuesday,] Colorado’s 64 county clerks are legally required to issue licenses to same-sex couples who request them. In addition, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is required to register such marriages in the records of the State of Colorado.”

This is a huge victory that has such a real impact on peoples day to day lives here in Colorado. I am thrilled for my friends in the GLBT community. Love is love and everyone deserves the right to marry freely. I am so happy about this sudden turn of events. Marriage equality is becoming a reality in many of the states in this country now. But I still believe a federal law mandating gay marriage’s legality would improve upon the current state-by-state federalism on this issue. I am so excited to see how much progress on this issue has happened in recent years. It is a step in the right direction. I am so happy for all my friends who can now get married! Congratulations!