The Day After The Election: A Post-Mortem Analysis

Donald Trump is the new President Elect. He is the 45th President.

Now, how did we get here? It is a question we must consider. I feel there is so much blame to go around. I blame racism, sexism, white nationalism, the media, 3rd parties for taking key votes away from Hillary, and the electoral college structure. Racism because Trump ran a racist campaign right from the first day when he descended the escalator at Trump Tower and called Mexicans “rapists” who bring “crime and drugs.” He constantly maligned all Muslims and planned to ban them. He started the Birther movement to undermine the country’s first black President. His campaign appealed to those afraid of a changing, multicultural America. His campaign appealed to those white people afraid of becoming a minority in this country. His sexism was also constant throughout the campaign. It was always on display. But I also blame the media for constantly giving Trump free air-time, airing every speech he gave. The media is complicit. I blame third parties because in states like Florida, Gary Johnson voters took votes away from Hillary. I blame the polls for being wrong because they gave the Clinton campaign false confidence which led to complacency. I blame the electoral college because Clinton is winning the Popular Vote but was doomed by the electoral college system like Al Gore.

Ultimately, there are wave elections and this was one of them. The country is in a reactionary place after 8 years of the Barack Obama presidency. After 8 years of progressive presidential politics, health care reform, etc, much of white uneducated America wanted to react against all of that. White America wanted to react against the Obama legacy. And they did. Now the GOP has a super majority. They will confirm Trump’s supreme court picks. The country will never be the same.

Similar to the Brexit, this election stunned the world.

Where do we go from here? How does the country come together again? How to we endure 4 or 8 years of Trump? I have no answers, only questions. I hope that the progressive movements in this country stay strong and remain organized. One thing I do know is this: America is resilient. Stay strong, America.

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  1. Albert Marchiando says:

    After such a stunning Presidential election, one can say safely say, only in America! How a man like TRUMP can be elected is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Maybe Joe Biden could have beat TRUMP, but HRC did not. Not with the Electoral College determining our election as opposed to a popular total vote count. But there it is. Our country seems to go in one direction for a term or two, then the other way. After making history with our first black president, the electorate chooses a narcissistic, money grubbing real estate developer with a nasty personality. Because of a fear of our ever changing world, a desire to go backwards to the way things were. Life is not like that. Life evolves forward, not backwards. Since our country is based on principles rather than religion or family inheritance, I agree with Lara America will remain resilient and strong.

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