Judge Upholds Broomfield Election; Thereby the Broomfield Fracking Ban Remains In Place!

Tonight the people of Broomfield can celebrate alongside community leaders and environmental advocates! A local judge has upheld the validity of the November election in Broomfield county and therefore the five year fracking moratorium is upheld! The exciting news is considered a victory for the anti-fracking community and also a victory in the arena of citizen land-rights.

Judge Melonakis announced his decision today, Thursday, February 27th. According to the Daily Camera: “In his decision, he said Broomfield acted in good faith when conducting the election and that the results should not be tossed out.” YES!

It is so heartening to see this judge uphold the democratic rights of the people of a Colorado community instead of easily siding with the lucrative special interest groups that lobby on behalf of oil and gas. Perhaps democracy really does have a fighting chance. Plutocracy and oligarchy didn’t win this one. The people of Broomfield won this one! Congratulations to the city of Broomfield for successfully fighting special interests and legally banning fracking for 5 years!


  1. icare2 says:

    This is fantastic news! Good work Judge Melonakis! Now to get everyone educated….

  2. dad says:

    Enjoyed the fracking comments and analysis. Tensions there between jobs and the environment, of course. Less dependence on foreign oil and a ceiling on oil costs are pluses. Also have read cheaper oil keeps Putin behaving better, and hasn’t Ukraine faded from view in the past few months?

  3. Lara Never says:

    Putin has not been behaving better though. He has been sending troops and tanks into Ukraine, and submarines into Swedish waters. Some speculate Putin is acting out because of cheap gas prices. I don’t see fracking as a sustainable practice because it causes earthquakes and poisons groundwater. It cannot continue without devastating consequences for the environment and mankind.

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